Spray Tan



It’s all about the colour. Our qualified technicians create natural looking spray tans that enhances your natural colour.

We use Tuscan Tan that picks up the natural melanin in your skin to create a beautiful natural glow.

Tuscan Tan™ Original Spray on tan mimics naturally tanned skin tones with 100% accuracy as it contains a unique combination of violet based bronzers that produce an instant natural tan shade when sprayed on the skin.

The solution adapts to any skin type and any depth of colour can be achieved. The tan is non-sticky, completely odourless once developed and lasts a week or more.

Of course, the great benefit about spray tans is that they are instant. No need for baking outside in the sun for hours on end or waiting for your sticky self-tanning lotion to dry. As well, you can adjust how dark you want to go by spray tanning more or less frequently.



Tuscan Tan price list

Tuscan tan - 8 hours Tan- Full Body

15 mins $45.00


Tuscan tan - 90min Rapid Tan- Full Body
Ideal for last minute tanning needs.

15 mins $50.00


Tuscan tan - 1/2 Body

15 mins $25.00


3 Month Unlimited-
6 month Unlimited-



Bondi sands Professional tan price list

Bondi Sands- light/medium (2 hour developer)

Bondi Sands- Medium/dark (2 hour developer)



Bondi Sands - x5 concession card.
Bondi Sands - x10 concession card.



Top Up Tan-
Return within 8 days and receive a top up tan



Pre Tan Body Buff-
Enjoy a little extra before your tan with an invigorating full body Tuscan Tan exfoliation, followed by a hot towel removal to perfectly prep your skin to achieve the best results from your spray tan.

30 mins $45.00


Consumer Reviews

Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

“I love this exfoliator and am so wrapped that you can now buy it online. It makes my skin so incredibly soft and smooth.
I use it every week even when I’m not having a tan just to maintain the soft texture of my skin and to prevent it from becoming dry and scaly.
I also believe that because I use it on such a regular basis, that when I do have my spray tan done, the colour lasts much longer and fades without any trace of patchiness whatsoever.

– Rochelle


pH Balanced Skin Wash

“Wow this wash does actually make a big difference to how long your tan lasts.
It doesn’t lather up like soap does which is why it’s gentler on your tan.
I would say that by using this in place of soap my tan would last twice as long.

– Sarah V


Tinted Tan Extender

“I could not recommend the Tinted Tan Extender more highly I you get spray tans regularly.
It is designed to be applied every day to maintain the colour of your tan and help it to last that little bit longer than what a normal moisturiser would.
It really does work. I also find that when I use this, my tan when it does eventually fade, fades evenly.

– Luisa W


Gradual Self Tan Mousse

“I have tried many tanning products over the years as they all promise to be the best however I keep coming back to this Tuscan mousse as I now realise that nothing else compares.
The colour is perfect for my pale skin and the coloured foam makes it very easy to apply.”

– Lucy